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  • Daily Schedule
  • Welcome Back!
  • Remind App
  • Subway Fridays start this week!
  • Facebook and Website
  • Classwork
  • Classroom Structure
  • MAP Testing

Daily Schedule

8:55 - 9:15 Morning Work & Pledge (Bell Ringer, Daily Dazzle)

9:15 - 10:15 Language Arts

10:15-10:30 Mask/Snack/Movement break

10:30-12:00 Math Groups

12:00-12:30 Lunch (No masks)

12:30 - 1:15 Recess (No masks)

1:15 - 2:00 Reading

2:00-2:45 Science/Social Studies/Technology/Art Block

2:45-3:15 PE/Movement (Mask Break)

3:15-3:30 Dismissal

Welcome Back Cassidy Crew!

Dear Families,

Welcome back! I know that things are feeling a lot different than they have in the past, but together we can overcome and get through this, just as we did at the end of last year. I am excited to be back in the classroom, and am so thankful for each and every one of you and your willingness to adhere to the safety measures our district is mandating. Mask-wearing is not fun for any of us, but if it helps even a little I am grateful.

Remind App

I am once again utilizing the Remind App to connect with families. I will be sending out newsletters and other important information via the app.

The classroom code for the Remind app is @cassidy121

The Remind app can be downloaded in the App store via Apple or Android. If you have any issues getting in, please let me know. I can also add you via your cell phone number in that case. If you were on it last year you should still be good to go.

This is the best way to get a hold of me. You may also call the classroom during school hours. My office hours are 8 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday.

SUBWAY FRIDAYS START THIS WEEK! Be on the lookout for the paper coming home.

Facebook and Website Access

Please note that we are keeping the Facebook and Website up to date as much as possible. I am in charge of the website specifically, so this is a good place to find out information.


Classwork is found in the Google Classroom, Spelling City for spelling and vocabulary, and APEX for English, Math and Science. I have included any and all links on the Google Classroom and students should always start there. I will also assign other language arts, social studies, science and math work in class, but we will upload any pages and worksheets on Google Classroom as needed. I am assuming that we will be intermittently going back and forth between school and home as people experience symptoms and sickness. This way, there will be a seamless transition for students. If your child was in my class at the end of last year this will feel very familiar. I will make sure the students are able to access everything they need to just in case during the first few weeks of school. In the event that we end up learning from home, I will be uploading videos and providing zoom meetings as we did last year. I do not assign homework simply for the sake of homework; however students may have assignments they need to finish at home if they run out of time in class. There will be a requirement of reading 20 minutes at home each day, and students will need to complete a monthly log with parental signature verifying they completed this reading.

Classroom Structure

Due to the requirements set in place by the school district and federal recommendations, my classroom will be structured differently than last year. I have removed the sitting area in my library area as it would not be conducive to social distancing. I have done my best to put as much distance between each desk as allowed by the constraints of my classroom. We will no longer be able to sit in pod groups, or face each other across a table during small groups.

The school is also providing desk shields and touchless hand sanitizing stations, as well as masks for those who do not have one. It is a requirement for all students in grades 3-8 to wear a mask in the classroom. We will going outside for movement/PE options, and rotate our recess time with the rest of the school so as to not interact with other classes. We will also not be changing rooms or going into the main school building with the exception of emergencies, and of course getting things put away for school in our designated hall outside the classroom. Additionally, arrival and dismissal will happen at our classroom door for students in the class only. If you have students in another class, you will pick up and drop off from their classroom door, and then continue to our side of the building to let out students in my classroom.

Some parents are choosing distance learning, which we are providing through Midnight Sun. If you choose this option, your student will be doing their work completely online from home via the APEX or Buzz Platforms, and with a few exceptions, those classes will be managed by Mr. Sidelinger.

MAP Testing

Our first MAP Testing window begins this week, August 25th. Our testing schedule will be:

  • Tuesday: Reading
  • Wednesday: Math
  • Thursday: Language

**AT HOME LEARNERS** - We have set aside the multipurpose room for At Home Learners for MAP Testing. Please arrange to come to school Tuesday - Thursday between the hours of 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Your students will be isolated from the rest of the school and socially distanced for everyone's safety. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Principal Harren at the office, 357-6786.

Looking forward to a wonderful year together!

Mrs. Cassidy

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Mrs. Cassidy

2017 Bachelor of Arts in Education, with a minor is Special Education, UAA

2018 Master of Education Technology, Walden University

2019-present Pursuing doctoral degree in Education Technology, Walden University