rich land

guaranteed billionaires!


my country runs on capitalism,we are basically running on big huge enterprise companies,you can have any type of business and you can create any business as long as you are making revenue.I the leader will only charge about 6% of tax


you are free to create and make revenue of anything you want as-long as you pay you're 6% tax.I am the one that acts as a president,government,and judge but i will not be harsh such as communism because the people. themselves will create the laws
Why Capitalism Works


yes,they're might be an economic deficit and it might be unbalanced but the 6% tax that comes from all big companies will be than distributed through out the people balancing the economy.


you can become a billionaire by your smart ideas,we will bail you out of youre tyranny and bring you if you start your own business and start paying your tax,and you are set to go to making bllions
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in conclusion,going to a capitalism land is worth, it since you can become a billionaire with youre great ideas.the pros of going the side of capitalism completly demolish the one con that exist with capitalism,wich is the economy unbalance but here that will not be a problem