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January 15


Welcome back, we hope everyone had an amazing time with family and loved ones over our break. Everyone looks rested and reenergized. Now that we have reached the half way point of our year let's not count the days left, lets make days count for our kiddos. We know the next few weeks can and will require extra dedication in administrating and preparing for upcoming assessments. As we plan ahead for the upcoming events let's make sure to keep in mind to do what is right for the students and not what is easy. Together we can build the students to their full potential. We are here to support you, so please let us know if you need anything.


All Grade Levels

Spark the Reading-Writing Connection

Use of wordless picture book is a great way to tie in inferring of what is happening in the story or what may happen next. Use the book as a read aloud and focusing on the progression of the text in reading. Then, have the students make a personal connection to reflect in their writing journal and or write an alternate ending to the story.

Titles to use:


Blue Bird