Death of Coral Reefs

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Two Main Issues

1. Rising of temperature is cussing major stress on coral reefs.

2. Overfishing can cause deaths of coral reefs.

Negitive Effects on the Enviorment

Sewage drained to the ocean that is untreated can cause major damage to coral reefs do to pollution. The trash we through in the ocean, such as plastic, can damage a lot of coral reefs. Also ocean acidification effects coral reefs because of all the carbon dioxide entering the ocean.

Wildlife most Affected by Death of Coral Reefs

The wildlife most affected by the death of coral reefs is fish. But really any aquatic animal that depends on a coral reef for shelter or food will mostly be affected by these deaths. The wildlife are affected because the aquatic animals that depend on coral reefs will not get the resources needed from them if they all die off.