Tommy Hilfiger

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About Thomas Jacob Hilfiger:

  • Tommy was born March 24th, 1951 in Elmira, New York
  • He is now 64 years old
  • He had 8 other siblings
  • He was too small to play on the basketball or football team
  • Musicians first inspired his fashion in high school
  • His first store was called People's Place in Elmira, New York and he went out and bought bell bottom jeans and other clothing items and sold them to people like his friends.
  • His fashion capital is located in New York
  • Tommy Hilfiger is known for his classical but preppy and trendy looks
  • Most Tommy Hilfiger stores are located in Macy's stores
  • In 1992 Tommy Hilfiger became the first fashion company to become public on the New York Stock Exchange
Tommy Hilfiger Spring '16 Runway (Short Edit)

Tommy Hilfiger Lines/Collections

Tommy Hilfiger: Their core line that embodies the brand's classic American cool spirit and "preppy with a twist" designs and focuses on a 25 to 40 year-old consumer.

Hilfiger Denim: This line is inspired by American denim classics with a modern edge that is more casual than the Tommy Hilfiger label. Targeting the 18 to 30 year-old denim-oriented consumer, the line focuses on premium denim separates, footwear, bags, accessories, eyewear and fragrance.

Hilfiger Collection: Hilfiger Collection is the pinnacle of the Tommy Hilfiger product offering and features its most directional styles for women, blending the brand’s American heritage with contemporary influences. The collection targets 25 to 40 year-old consumers, and includes designs that premiere on the runway during New York Fashion Week.

Tommy Hilfiger Tailored : Targeting 25 to 40 year-olds, this line has a sharp, sophisticated style with the brand’s American menswear heritage. From suits to casual weekend wear, classics are modernized with precision fit, premium fabrics, updated cuts, rich colors and details executed with the brand’s signature twist.

Tommy Hilfiger kids: This collection is for children of the ages 1 to 16 and also babies. It demonstrates the same classy and preppy look like the men and women's collections but with a more youthful touch.

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