The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

Main Conflict

Creighton has trouble finding where his loyalty lies because he is from Britain but he develops strong relationships with some of the Americans.


Americans- Benedict Arnold, Peter, Benjamin Franklin

French- Sophie

British- Colonel Gower, Lieutenant Hale

British to America- Creighton, Harry Brown

Why are they important?

  • Creighton- This book is based on Creighton's experience from going to the British over to the Americans and everything that happens in between. He is the protagonist in the story.
  • Colonel Gower- This character is Creighton's uncle and he is pretty much the bad guy in the story. He lies to Creighton and his mother about what happened to his father, Harry Brown. So this makes Colonel Gower the antagonist in this book.


Place: New Orleans

When: After the Revolutionary War

George Washington's Fate

Benedict Arnold, Peter and Creighton go on a journey to British territory and they find Harry even though they are looking for George Washington. While they are on their journey they find out the George Washington was killed and is buried in a graveyard.

Dad's Not Dead

The British kept his father as a prisoner. When Benedict Arnold and Creighton go look for General Washington they find Harry Brown and he is in very bad condition. Then Peter shows and helps take care of Harry Brown, so they manage to get him back to New Orleans. So now Creighton and Harry are both on the American's side and Creighton has made his decision.