What is Athens??

Athens is a city-state in greece and it also gives the kids of athenians good education.

Education in Athens!!!©

Boys go to school to learn how to read and write and girls stayed home and learned how to play the lyre.

Unlike Athens!!

Sparta makes seven year old boys go to train for the military and then them possibly die.©

Also unlike Athens!!

Sparta doesn't have a good education unlike Athens that has a good education for the kids.

Why Athens!!!!

Athens because they don't make there people put their sons in danger ever in their lives in less the kids when they get older want to go to war to protect their people.©

Sparta is horrible for our kids!!

Sparta will be the worst for our kids because they just care about their strength and war and taking over Greece thats all they care about not our kids just fighting.

Defending against Sparta!!

Athens is so smart when Sparta would attack we would win because they care about strength and while their training and getting stronger we are getting smarter your probably saying how well where making a plan and getting stronger weapons and plans to dodge attacks so we would WIN!!!

Athens ending!!©

Come to Athens so we can defend against Sparta and win Come To ATHENS !!!!©