Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room 158

Dates to Remember

*Tuesday, March 24 - Claxton Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival (5:30-7:00 PM)

*Wednesday, March 25- Field Trip to NC State Minerals Lab in downtown Asheville (more information below)

*Friday, March 27 - NOW A REGULAR SCHOOL DAY

*Saturday, March 28 - Sunday, April 6 - Spring Break! Have safe travels!

*Tuesday, April 7 - Claxton Parents Meeting- ALL PARENTS WELCOME (6:00 PM in the Media Center)

*Wednesday, April 8 - Report Cards Go Home

*Friday, April 10 - SPIRIT DAY: Claxton Colors!

*Friday, April 17 - SPIRIT DAY: Backwards Day

Upcoming Birthdays

March 27 - Deacon Heimburg

Happy Spring! I hope everyone has a great Spring Break this coming weekend! :)

Claxton Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival

Please join us THIS TUESDAY, MARCH 24th for our annual Chicken Dinner and Math Carnival. The dinner is FREE!!! Any time between 5:30-7:00 PM, make your way to the cafeteria to enjoy a delicious, FREE dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, a biscuit and tea! Our Math Carnival will be in the gymnatorium. This is a time when students can learn math games that reinforce concepts that they are learning. Each student will leave with a game to take home and play! Feel free to come to the math carnival before or after dinner! I look forward to seeing all of you!!

Field Trip Wednesday

This past month we have studied about rocks and minerals. We learned about how different rocks are made and how we use minerals and rocks in every day life. To help students understand this concept to a further extent, we will be going to the North Carolina State University Minerals Lab in downtown Asheville. Bob Baldwin, husband of our very own Mrs. Baldwin (our computer lab teacher), will show the students how rocks and minerals are used in every day life. He will show them machines that grind large boulders quickly into gravel, pebbles and sand. We will also see machines that pull break the rocks apart and separate the minerals. We will be going this Wednesday, March 25th, from 9:30-11:00 in the morning. It is a short trip and is FREE. We will be back at Claxton in time to eat lunch. Permission forms will be sent home Monday morning on a BRIGHT BLUE paper. Please sign the form and return ASAP so that your child can be a part of this fun, educational opportunity!

Tweet Tweet!

Want an even more detailed snapshot of the amazing things going on in our classroom? Recently, I created a classroom Twitter to showcase all of the fun and learning happening in Room 158. My classroom Twitter is public, so you can see all of the fun Tweets going on during the day! I have loved getting to share the learning that is happening every day and see the amazing things going on in other classrooms at Claxton! If you have a twitter (or even if you don't), you can head here to check out our page! My Twitter handle is @ms_crittenden_.

Weekly Curriculum Update

MATH - This week, we will be circling back to tens. Students will review the place value system and how it helps us understand the value of a number. We will be focusing on counting by tens and adding and subtracting by tens. We will be learning with groups of tens with no ones (such as 50-20 = 30) and also numbers that have both tens and ones (73-10= 63). We will be working quite a bit with place value blocks to help us visualize this concept.

FUNDATIONS- This week, we will be reviewing concepts that we have learned so far this year in Fundations. I felt it was important to stop and make sure that students feel comfortable with the concepts that we have covered before starting Unit 11. We will begin Unit 11 after Spring Break, where students will learn about another type of syllable. This syllable is the vowel-consonant-e syllable type. If you ever have questions about your child marking words on their homework, review the Marking Words cheat sheet that will be located in their homework folders! :)

READING- We will be continuing our study of key details in a non-fiction OR fiction text. Students will practice finding evidence in the text that answers the questions. We will also be working in our reading groups on answering written response questions that help with comprehension of the text.

WRITING- We will be continuing to learn about Opinion Writing. They will learn how to write an introductory sentence for the piece, give their opinion, provide reasons for their opinion and give their writing a sense of closure at the end. Opinion Writing gives students the freedom to state how they feel about a topic. Students usually have a lot of fun with this writing style and I am excited to teach it!

SCIENCE- This week will be our last week studying about rocks and minerals. Students have enjoyed experimenting with our rock collection and observing properties of the various types of rocks and minerals. We also were fortunate to have Reece's grandmother come to show us her amazing collection of rare minerals and strange rocks! They kids loved learning about the new rocks and minerals and how people use them. After Spring Break, we will be studying about the needs of plants and how we use natural resources.

SOCIAL STUDIES- This week was SO much fun. In the past couple of weeks, we have learned about what the word diversity means and that there is diversity within our classroom, school, city, country and around the world. We learned about the word culture and what it means to belong to a culture or many cultures. This past week, we took a look at two very different cultures. We studied about the Irish culture on St. Patrick's Day. Students listened to traditional Irish music and attempted to learn to river dance :). On Thursday, we took a virtual field trip to India, where we learned about Indian culture. I am excited to travel to different countries and explore the many diverse cultures that exist in our world!