Steps to Being A Good Roommate

1. Respect your roommate's stuff.

A lot of times maybe with girls more often than boys roommates are tempted borrow each others' belongings. When borrowing things make sure to take care of it like it's yours and be responsible.

2. Treat your roommate how you'd want to be treated.

Don't be rude and have a nasty attitude towards your roommate.

3. Compromise

Coming to an agreement on everything isn't going to happen all the time, so try to come to conclusions that is okay with the both of you.

4. Decide together what your cleanliness comfort level is.

You both should set rules on how keep your dorm clean and how much disorder you would allow.

5. Accept your roommate for who he or she is.

If you get a roommate without using a roommate finder program at your school it may be expected that your roommate is the complete opposite of yourself. Even then don't treat them as an outcast just get to know one another. You may have more in common than you think.