Washington DC news

sunday special Rhino vs Skully

Rhino vs Skully in front of the white house !!!!!!!!!

Yesterday there was a epic battle in front of the white house. It all started when rhino was tearing down the white house when the super hero mutant skully came to the rescue using his super speed he ran into rhino causing him to fall down. Then rhino got up as skully was running toward him.

Things get worse

rhino punched skully in the face sending him flying through the air and into a police car then skully teleported in front of rhino and this is when the battle turns skully , using his super speed punched rhino reapetedly in the stomache then sent rhino into the air with a kick.

Last man standing wins

finally rhino used his fire breath to burn skully to the ground. just yesterday the world lost another super hero to rhino.

in loving memory of skully

skully (Manuel.T) 1989-2015