Chris Hatcher-Wilson


  • Another word used for fat, lipids are a group of molecules that include fats, oils, waxes, steroids, and other compounds
  • Fats provide energy for your body functions. Without fats/lipids your body wouldn't be able to regularly digest or properly absorb food.
  • These compounds are within and between cell membranes, and they help protect nerves
  • Lipids are an important component of living cells. Together with carbohydrates and proteins, lipids are the main constituents of plant and animal cells.


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Acrostic poem

L-Lipids are crucial for storage and in cell membranes.

I-In comparison to carbs, lipids have twice as much energy.

P-Prominent for energy usage.

I-Insulation which prevents heat loss.

D-Dependent for energy, plants and animals need lipids.

S-Stores energy for longer as in comparison to carbs.