Declan Melchoir, Hour 9

"Matter Matters!"

About this Job

- You can earn from $51,460 to $166,400

- Almost no competition in the Job Market

- Doctoral degree is needed

- Study energy and matter

- Work for the government, private corporations, universities, etc.

- Many work with computers

- Work 40 or more hours a week

- Mostly work alone

- Will grow by 12%

- Design new products

Pathway to Success

- Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Public Speaking, and Statistics and Probability are classes you should take in high school to ensure your success in the field of Physics

- Advanced classes and classes that exceed college requirements can be beneficial in college

- Soil Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Health and Medical Physics, Astrophysics, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Physics, Biochemistry, Physics, Geophysics and Seismology, Acoustics, Nuclear Physics, Plasma and High-Temperature Physics, and Solid-State and Low-Temperature Physics are all recommended for college courses that could also help you succeed.

- 7-9 years of college required (Doctorate)


Pros and Cons


- You get to work with computers a lot because technology is fun to use (for me anyway)

- Easy to find a job because the job outlook is that there will be almost no competition and you wouldn't have to get a side job while looking for a job in physics

- You get to design new products because you could influence someone with something you created


- Might have to go work overtime because you will have to complete a project so you will have less time for doing things you want to do

- It doesn't pay much when you first start working so you will have to work for a while in order to gain more money

- It could get boring because of repeating experiments and being confined to a lab

Acceptable Colleges


Institute of Physics in Ireland
c/o School of Physics
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

Phone: +353 86 2600903

American Institute of Physics:

One Physics Ellipse

College Park, MD 20740

Phone: 301-209-3100

Job Advertisement

If Matter Matters, then so does your career! Choose to be a Physicist because of the high pay (if you are experienced) that could be even higher than $166,400! You may work more than a standard 40 hour week in case you need to finish a project, and require a doctoral degree to be hired. Many Physicists choose a certain field to work in, like Medical Physicists. Plus, there is almost no competition in the Job Market, leading to a secure future. Technology is also useful, and you will use it a lot and it will aid you when you conduct experiments or design items or many differentiating things. You will mostly work alone to conduct experiments, but may pool your findings with other colleagues. Consider this job today!

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