Come To Mexico

Enjoy the beautiful country

Mexico the place to be

If you are looking for a vacation spot with warm air, sand coming through your toes, gentle winds blowing your hair, Mexico is the place for you. Mexico is extremely rich when it comes to history, culture, traditions, resources, and beaches. There is a bunch of places in mexico that people can go to, to study and research things about Mexico's past. Mexico's beaches draw a lot of people to mexico. Being able to surf, water ski and boating with fine water coming up and splashing up to you is wonderful. Mexico's history has put a lot on its culture. On thing that has influenced it is the language Mexican's speak. Mexicans speak Spanish, because of Spanish affected Mexican's in colonial times. Another thing is unique practices which combine sections of Spanish effects and Mexican Indians, which can be seen in a holiday that Mexicans celebrate, The day of the Dead. People from Mexico take a day, November 1st to remember their lost loved ones. Another big celebration is cinco de mayo, it is celebrated on May fifth, which is the day Mexico got its independence. Mexico has many valuable resources, like petroleum, oil, water and sliver. Mexico's mines manufacture more silver than any other country in the world. Some of the gold and silver mines are still in operation in Mexico. Mexico is fascinating so come on down and enjoy the country.