Founding Fathers

Jonathan Trumbull Sr.

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  • Born October 12, 1710 in Lebanon, Connecticut

  • Governor of Connecticut from 1776 to 1784

  • Died August 17, 1785 (age 74) in Lebanon, Connecticut


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Family Life

On December 9, 1735, Jonathan Trumbull married Faith Robinson, daughter of Rev. John Robinson of Duxbury, Massachusetts. Together they had four sons and two daughters.


Trumbull developed an extensive trading business. Unlike most colonial traders, who went through middle men in New York and Boston, he established direct connections with merchants in Great Britain. By the 1760s, Trumbull's business was very successful. However, in 1766 he began to suffer irreparable losses in trade and by 1769 he was virtually bankrupt and retired from business.

Political Career

Despite his compromised financial position, the General Assembly of Connecticut elected Trumbull governor in 1769 upon the death of William Pitkin. Trumbull had enjoyed a long career in politics and public service, having first entered the General Assembly in 1733 and having served as a speaker in 1739.


He served as deputy-governor of the Colony of Connecticut from 1766-1769.

He served as the Governor of Connecticut from 1769-1784.

Political Philosophy

At the start of the hostilities with Great Britain in 1775, Trumbull was the only governor to support the position of the colonies. He had long been a supporter of colonial rights and during the war supplied General Washington with food, clothing, and munitions.

After Independence

He was one of only two colonial governors to continue in office after independence

Constitutional Convention

  • The Constitutional Convention took place from May 25 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Jonathan Trumbull wasn't at the convention because he died August 17, 1785