Envision Your Vision To Lead

Where Are You Influencing Others To? What's your A to B

Food for a Leader's Thoughts

What's a leader? What's a follower? Which one am I? Could I be both?
What am I good at? What do I enjoy? Why do I have these talents and hobbies? What do I love to do ? What does this all mean? I am unique and important because my life impacts other lives.

What's Order Got To Do With It? (Rank the Traits 1-3, Steps to Action)

What can stop me from leading and investing in the lives of others... Tackling myths to raise up the truth.

Truth of the matter is, we all have talents and are naturally and/or with practice can add on to the number of leadership qualities we have as individuals, but have you ever doubted yourself from taking the lead or stepping up to the challenge? You're not alone, we all have done it. Maybe you're like me and sometimes think that what you have to say isn't important. I've pulled this card to, "Well, I don't want this person to think I'm a show-off, and just like hearing myself talk. Truth of the matter is that we are given gifts, thoughts, and words to say that can change a life. Remember, what you tell yourself and others can drastically help or hurt another. Speak life. What are some things that discourage you from believing you could be a help to a situation?