Super Bowl Square fundraiser

Cleveland Whitecaps Booster Club

Support youth playing premier soccer

Everyone loves the Super Bowl especially when you have a chance to win money. Even better when a donation is also made to help a great organizations. The squares cost $10 each and will be sold in three ways, which are listed below.

  • Purchase squares online to support the Cleveland Whitecaps Booster Club in our mission to provide scholarships and also family fun activities.

  • Purchase and sell squares for your soccer team. This will raise funds for the Whitecaps Boosters and also for your team. Your team can use your funds to cover team costs at their discretion. Examples could be to off set tournament fees, team dinner, year end party and more. Your team will receive $400 for each grid that you completely sell. The boosters will receive $200

  • Sell 100 squares on your own personal sheet and raise funds to cover your whitecaps fees. You will receive $400.00 towards your fees and $200.00 will go to the booster club.

Personal or Team fundraising instructions

1. Obtain a super bowl square grid from your manager if you will be selling squares as a personal fundraiser.

2. As the squares are sold, collect $10.00 each square and have players write their names in any square they wish. Every square must be sold for the pool to guarantee a winner.

3. When every square contains a player's name, it's time for the drawing! Write the numbers 0 through 9 on a piece of paper and place them in a hat. As each number is drawn, write it down in square with "#" on the top row going from left to right. Once all the numbers have been drawn, put them back in the hat and start the drawing over. This time fill in the left column beginning at the top and work your way down until all numbers have been drawn.

4. When all squares are sold give your money and a copy of your completed grid to your team manager or booster board member by Wednesday February 3rd. If you are selling squares as a personal fundraiser keep $400 of the collected funds for your payouts.

5. During the Super Bowl at the end of each quarter, match the last digit of each team's score with the corresponding number on the grid. For example: if the score was 10 to 3, you would use the numbers 0 and 3 on your grid. The player's name in the square that intersects both numbers is the winner of that quarter.

6. When the game is over, the winners of each quarter receives $100.00.

7. Cleveland Whitecaps Booster Club will make contact with winners on, or before, Saturday February 13th to make payout arrangements.



1. Log onto - (link is also below)

2. Select your square you would like to reserve

3. Enter your name, email, and the password - caps16

4. Go to the whitecaps website to make your payment at (link is also below)

5. In player name boxes please list the buyer of the Square name.

6. Item name - Super Bowl Square

7. Invoice # - Your last name

8. Cleveland Whitecaps Booster Club will make contact with the winners on, or before, Saturday February 13th to make payout arrangements.