Wanted: Palladium

By: William Burns

Wanted For

  • Use in catalytic converters for automobiles
  • Making jewelry
  • Purifying hydrogen


  • Palladium has no other names
  • Its symbol is Pd


  • Palladium is silvery-white
  • Its atomic mass is 106.42
  • Its atomic number is 46
  • It is a solid metal at room temperature

First Arresting Officer

  • William Hyde Wollaston first discovered Palladium
  • William is from England
  • He also discovered rhodium the same year

First Arrest Report

  • Palladium was first discovered in 1803 in London
  • It was found in the residues left over from platinum after being dissolved in aqua regia

Last Seen

  • Palladium is in group 10, period 5
  • It can be found relatively close to Earth's surface

Known Associates

  • Palladium has very few important compounds

Warning Label

  • Palladium is of low toxicity so you do not have to be extremely careful