My Side Of The Mountain

Jean Craighead George

Main story about the book

The main story about the book is about a kid named sam and he runs away from his family. He starts living in the mountains by himself. Farther in the book sam starts to learn new things. The book talks about how sam survived.

Survival Skills Anywhere

You need survival skills anywhere for example you need skills in a tornado because if someone is hurt you can.

survival skills in a tornado

You need survival skills everywhere even in a tornado because you can help people and if the rescue team dosen't come and get you or your house is destroyed. If your injuired u need how to gather different supplies from the envierment from the ground and make good supplies that can help you along the way.

Survival Skills in the book

The character in the book uses alot of skills to survive in the mountains. The skills he uses was he made a his own duck call.
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People in New York started to look for sam because people that go hunting told the news that they seen a strange man that lives in the woods and takes there deer. Rescue teams started to look for sam and finally found him... Sam was shocked to see his mom.