Media Literacy

Understanding Media

What is Media Literacy to Me

I think that media is any form of information such as pictures, videos, articles and books. These can be found in things such as newspapers, magazines and the internet. As new forms of media are coming around such as videos and articles on the internet it is important that people are able to understand them. What I think it means to be media literate is to be able to understand the meaning of the media that you are looking at and get the message that the creator is trying to get across. Media literacy can also include having the ability to know how to find and access different forms of media. Another important aspect of media literacy is the ability to create media yourself. The ability to get across a message is just as important as understanding other media. Media literacy is important because it helps people understand the hidden meaning behind the information itself, the thing that the writer is really trying to tell the reader. It can also teach people to be able to create better media for certain demographics by being able to make clearer media as well as understanding other people’s level of media literacy. It also makes them more critical thinkers and teaches them not to just look at what’s being shown to them but to look for a deeper meaning or the real truth. Media literacy is a very important aspect of today’s culture and one really can’t function properly without it.