Journey to Spain

A Trip You Will Never Forget

Interesting Facts About Spain

  • Area: 504,780 square kilometers.
  • Population: 40,341,462 (approx)
  • Currency: Euro,formerly Peseta
  • Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
  • Language: Official language is Castilian Spanish, however many other language dialects are also in use.
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism
  • Visa: Visa is not required for any EU national staying in the country for three months. Other nationals however require visa.
  • Geography: Spain is Europe 's fourth largest country including the Canary and Balearic island groups.
  • Time: It follows the Central European time which runs 1 hr behind GMT.

The Cibeles Fountain

The goddess Cibeles Fountain has become an iconic symbol in Madrid. This monument has stood in the square of the same name between the Paseo de Recoletos and the Paseo del Prado since 1782. The fountain depicts the goddess Cybele, the symbol of earth, agriculture and fertility, on a chariot drawn by lions, and was designed by Ventura Rodríguez in the reign of Carlos III. The marble fountain originally stood next to the Buena Vista Palace in the Paseo de Recoletos, and was moved to its present location in the middle of the square in the late 19th century. This Fountain is a compulsory visit in Madrid. The Cibeles has also its sport aspect because this monument has become in a symbol for the Real Madrid supporters, who come here to celebrate the big victories. Any description of the Cibeles Fountain would be incomplete without a mention of the magnificent buildings around the square: the Buena Vista Palace, the Linares Palace, the Palace of Communications or central post office, and the Bank of Spain.

Your Planned Out Trip

Flight and Hotel

Flight-Going There.
Depart from Syracuse, NY @ 4:05pm on Friday.
Land at Philadelphia, PA @ 5:14pm on Friday.
Change Planes(1h 31m)
Depart from Philadelphia, PA @ 6:45pm on Friday.
Landing at Madrid, Spain @ 8:25am on Saturday.

Flight-Coming Home.
Depart from Madrid, Spain @ 9:30am on Monday.
Land at Charlotte, NC @ 1:00pm on Monday.
Change Planes(3h 25m)
Depart from Charlotte, NC @ 4:25pm on Monday.
Land at Syracuse, NY @ 6:13pm on Monday.

Total Cost of Flight= $1340.

Prado-Museum Gran Via Area Hotel.
Embassy Suites Hotel.
$37 per room per night.
Total Cost of Hotel= $438.

Total Cost of Flight and Hotel= $1778.
Spending Money= $1722


Day 1
Get to Madrid at 8:25am.
Take a cab to hotel-Embassy Suites.
Walk to El Escorial. View, enjoy it, buy some souvenirs. $200
Go back to hotel.

Day 2
Do whatever you want to. $100.

Day 3
Walk to Royal Palace of Madrid. Make sure to take lots of pictures and get a good lunch. $250.

Day 4
Do whatever you want to. $100

Day 5
Walk to the Segovia Aqueduct. Take some pictures, meet some nice people, maybe go out on a date. $200.

Day 6
Do whatever you want. $100

Day 7
Do whatever you want. $100

Day 8
Do whatever you want. $100

Day 9
Walk to the Cibeles Fountain. Make a wish, maybe it will come true. Take a dip in the fountain, meet someone new. $200

Day 10
Do whatever you want. $100

Day 11
Do whatever you want. $100

Day 12
Wake up and pack.
Get to the airport, your flight leaves at 9:30am.
Say goodbye to Spain.

Maddy Brand

I hope you go to each destination. It is a beautiful place to visit. I love corgis.