My Goals

Fulbright 2015-2016 Raheim- 5th Grade

My Writing Goal

My writing goal is to build more writing stamina I want to be able to write all day without stopping, I will do this by writing more, practicing writing when i have extra time during class, and listening and paying attention during class.

My Math Goal

I want to be able to do math with no problem, when i graduate high school I want to have an A in math. Math isn't really hard just problem solving is.

My Behavior Goal

My behavior goal is to spell light everyday and attend the light celebration at the end of each nine weeks.

Personal Goal #1

A personal goal is to is to become a better person, athlete, and student.

i will do this by getting more in shape and paying attention in all of my classes.

Personal Goal #2

My personal goal is to graduate high school and go to college. I plan to go to high school at Byrnes High School. When I make it to college I want to have a GPA score of a 4.0 or better, I will leave college after my college year and try to go to the NFL. After the NFL I will return back to college to be a teacher.