Poetry Collection

By: Maddie Powers

What is Poetry?

Poetry is an art that connects with the reader, leaving a lasting sting.

Poem #1 To Lucy

You shed all over my clothes,

and make a mess of my room,

You wake me up early on a Saturday morning,

wanting to play at 6 a.m.

Some think you're annoying,

Some just don't like dogs,

but little do they know your loyalty,

For seven years you've seen it all,

my laughs, my tears, my smiles,

Even though you're just a dog,

you seem to know me better than anyone.

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Poem #2 Golden Snapshot

My sister's hair shines in the lamplight,

like gold.

She takes the mascara brush,

gliding it over her long eyelashes.

She paints the eye shadow on,

sparkles contrasting with her deep brown eyes.

Every morning,

a picture of beauty.

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Poetry #3 Escape

California's beautiful

sandy white beaches,

flowers of all different colors

tall, bright green palm trees

sway in the light breeze

And when the day comes to an end,

the clouds glow purple and pink

I breathe in the fresh air,

and realize there is no place

I'd rather be.

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Poem #4 Be Yourself

Smile. They're watching,

You know

The pressure.


Don't lose


I can't stand-




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Poem #5 Torn Between Time


so fleeting, so slow

the constant internal conflict of how

to spend what you have

but it not really yours.

It can be taken away in a second

but you could have more than you think.

If I do what I want, go all out, I am a bad person.

You only live once?

Then why don't we enjoy it.

If I follow the rules, I am a good person, but I miss out.

You only have one life to live.

Maybe I should protect it.

I'm torn, I care about my life,

I also care too much to waste it.

I don't mean to go against authority,

but I have to live.

I don't mean to be a bad person,

but I only have right now.

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Poem #6 Gulf Shores' Peace of Mind

When I visited Gulf Shores,

the sun constantly soaked into my skin,

the sand warmed my feet,

the breeze countered the heat,

I could smell the salty water,

hear the seagulls shriek,

sitting on the beach as the

waves lapped up over my feet

I could not hear anything

but the ocean's monotone roar,

I cleared my mind from the world around me,

feeling peace down to my core.

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Poem #7 "Not Your Babe"

"Not Your Babe"

Boys are silly,

Girls are dumb,

We all chase each other,

acting like it's fun,

I'm not your babe,

I'm not your girl,

I'm so sick of boys,

they make me want to hurl,

I don't mean to be rude,

I mean no offense,

but this whole dating thing,

has gotten way too intense,

We should all just calm down,

Learn to be alone,

take a deep breath,

and stop blowing up each other's phones.

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Poem #8 The Sun is like a Smile

This poem is the sun. First it peaks around the puffy while clouds, each ray reaching towards the ground one by one. The yellow light creates a bright and shiny sheen over everything it touches. As the clouds move away, giving way to the sun's warmth, the light expands. The light source opens up, like a smile. The sun grins.
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