stuff happened....

no taxation without representation

The king of england put a tax on tea that no one could aford so to rebell against the king they threw the tea off the ship.

the boston tea party

the king of england sent a tax out to the new colonies of america to pay a tax for sertain things like tea. the reason this was a huge deal back in the day was because what else did we drink WE WERE ENGLISH, BRITISH, UK PEOPLE, WHATEVER WE DRANK A LOT OF TEA BACK THEN OK! we did not want to deal with the kings crappy taxxes so we may have gotten on a ship with tea and threw it all over board while in native american wear... okn yeah, yeah we did

king george III

this sass master was the reason we could not have nice things

final regrets i mean about me

i regret everything i mean i regret nothing