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Character Animation Reel 2015 Marion Strunck

I chose this reel for two reasons, first, I was looking for female animators and second I was hoping to find an animator who recently graduated and is working. Marion is currently working at Framestore as a Junior Animator and I have included a great link on what she does at Framestore below.
Character Animation Reel 2015 Marion Strunck

Marion is currently working as a Junior Animator at Framestore. The video below gives a good detailing of workflow and what she does at Framestore.

Marion Strunck, Junior Animator at Framestore
Here's what I like about Marion's reel. It's to the point and is about 1:06 minutes in length. The music is royalty free, and she has about 8 pieces, half of which are from her short, which appears to be 2D. Her title card isn't distracting and conveys the right amount of information plus her cute character from her short, Parrot Away.

In comparison with my work, the glaring items I need to work on is to ensure the pieces I pick are short and to the point and highly polished. I would also like to add a couple of 2D pieces that effectively show my understanding of animation principals. I also like that she leads with a strong dialogue piece and finishes with a cute signature piece, although I don't think that final piece is warranted. As I would like to work as a character animator in film and games I will be looking for pieces that are hopefully relevant to both. Lastly, I will be updating my title card.