Marcus Matters

November 16, 2015

Learning Targets

March 2011 | Volume 68 | Number 6

What Students Need to Learn Pages 66-69

Students can't see, recognize, and understand what they need to learn until we translate the learning intention into developmentally appropriate, student-friendly, and culturally respectful language. One way to do that is to answer the following three questions from the student's point of view:

  1. What will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?
  2. What idea, topic, or subject is important for me to learn and understand so that I can do this?
  3. How will I show that I can do this, and how well will I have to do it?

Three Goals for 2015-2016 School Year

How do we make these three part of each day?

1. Learning Standards

2. Cultural Proficiency

3. Formal Assessments

Marauder Good Things Happening

1. Marcus Football Team wins Bi-District

2. Marcus Drumline takes 2nd in PASIC in San Antonio

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