Kaitlin MacIsaac

Portland State Student

Hello, my name is Kaitlin!

I am a Senior getting my degree in Psychology. I want to teach elementary special education. This class will help me because with all the technology out there that can be used in the classroom. Being able to learn how to use them before I enter teaching is going to be helpful.

Family and Hobbies

I grew up in Salem and my family still lives there. I have a younger sister named Sarah. Sarah and I are thirteen and half months apart. I love spending time with my family so pretty much every weekend I leave Portland and head south to see my family.

My family and I camp a lot in Pacific City, OR which is a lot of fun and very beautiful. I also enjoy watching Netflix, coloring in the adult coloring books, and volunteering at SMART.

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Some goals I have besides being a special education teacher:

1. Move to Hawaii

2. Spend time in Alaska again.

3. Getting a degree or training in addiction and mental health counseling.

4. Volunteer more.