"A Father Who Disowned"

by Allure Cofield

Not everyone has a father who love's them.....

In most cases, some teenagers have fathers’.... but me on the other hand, it is a total different story. I can say that when I was little I have no m

memories of him being in my life, as a child or a baby, at least. There was something’s that I remember of him being around in my life like... seeing him in Raleigh, Brooklyn, New York, or Staten Island,New York, but other than that , there’s no other memories. But could a person think about the worst situation without remembering their father, but giving a chance to see him again,then that one argument makes that one person, Your Father.... Disowned you right, then and there, over that one phone call.

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Then The Worst....

A couple of days after my thirteen birthday, I got a phone call from my dad saying “happy Belated birthday Allure” I told him “thank you”, like always he kept asking me “when am I going to see him” and I told him “whenever he decides to come

out to where I live”. Then like always he makes excuses, tells lies, and blames my mommy for everything. So me I told him “I’m fed-up with the bull face lies that he tells, blaming my mom for everything, making excuses not coming to see me, and always getting my hopes and dreams up” he yelled and started cussing saying “why the f*** would you believe anything your mother****** mother has to say” “I am your farther” so I told him “why haven’t you been around like you should have been?” then he

started to say “Man, that’s your mom who kept me away from you, it wasn’t me” So I told him ” it is lies that you keep telling” then the worst happen... he said to me “F*** you and my mom and hung up the phone on me” since then I never heard from

him again......

How did I Take All Of This In the End...

In the long run I kind of learn that not everyone needs a dad in their life, something just happens for reason and people just cannot change them. I mean, I’m doing fine without him because of where I’m heading in life, so really I can say I don’t need him... but

in reality.... I really do miss him.