Chapter 1 Section 2

6 Steps of the Naturalization Process

  1. Sign the Declaration of Intent
  2. Live in the US for 5 years
  3. Be at least 18
  4. File an application for citizenship
  5. Go for an interview and examination
  6. Pledge an oath of allegiance

Losing Your Citizenship

  1. Becoming a naturalized citizen in another country after the age of 18
  2. Joining the military of a foreign state
  3. Joining the government of a foreign state
  4. Performing an act to intentionally remove citizenship, such as reciting a formal oath of renunciation
  5. Committing treason or other acts against the government

What is an illegal alien?

A noncitizen that lives in the country without the proper paper work filed or the naturalization process started. They can also be someone who entered the country legally but violated the terms of the status on which they entered the country.

What is a legal alien and what can they do?

A noncitizen who is legally permitted to remain in the country. They are allowed to work and go to school. They have all the same rights as a US citizen but they can't vote or hold a position in office.