K-2 Team Newsletter

February 17, 2020

Principal's Message

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend and are refreshed to return this week. As we continue our celebration of Black History Month, I felt it was important we also think about the lesser known famous Black men and women that have done some amazing things. Often times those in the limelight get the most attention and all the accolades but often there are others who were “first” to accomplish something that many people don’t know about. As educators, we may not always get the recognition we deserve either but you can be the “first” in a child’s life too. Thanks for all you do to encourage, teach, and love our scholars who in the future might also be the “first” to (______)...we will just have to wait and see! Happy BHM and have a great week!

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School Wide Focus

Priority #2: No Opt Out Academics

Pushing 100% Participation - this week we are focusing on scholar's full participation during small group instruction pushing "no opt out"!

Below is a snippet from Lipscomb University - you will see Mrs. Simpkins and her small group for ELA centers. During the video notice how she uses clear WTDs and holds scholars 100% accountable with do it again and full participation. She also pushes scholars to precision by insisting right is right to ensure scholars are reading the sentences correctly. See what you can pull out for your small groups this week! Enjoy!

K.Simpkins Small Group

Deans of Academics

Our Why: Take a few minutes over the next week to re-read the two linked documents below that focus on EEP’s Big Rocks. It’s always good to remind ourselves of our big priorities as we prepare our students for the next grade level and beyond.

Links: Warm Demanding Culture and No Opt Out Academics

RTI: Please progress monitor both Tier 2 and Tier 3 scholars. We want to frequently collect data to make sure our most vulnerable scholars are making adequate growth.

Morning Motivation: Please text Ayana (901-262-3039) scholars who are showing characteristics of their next grade readiness and maximum effort every day for Morning Motivation shout outs. We want to recognize our scholars who are leaders in our classrooms of what it looks like to give 100% every day to our academic achievement!

Dean of Culture

This past week was hard. We had 29 referrals which is the most referrals we have had in one week all year. Normally, this time of year most schools experience uptake in the number of misbehaviors, discipline referrals, and suspensions. This common narrative DOES NOT have to be true at our school! This week I will be stepping it up even more as part of the commitment to the standard of excellence we set at the beginning of the year. Join me in protecting our warm demanding culture and all the growth our scholars have made this school year. Let’s remind scholars of their plan, that we will not let them go backwards, only forward, and the expectation is 100% compliance 100% of the time! Let’s tighten up our transitions, require silence in hallways, and begin and end on time. This week let’s tighten it up, dig in, and push 100% like never before!

Help me, Help you! This week I will be checking-in with each teacher individually to see how I can best support you. There is a difference between providing support, and feeling supported. You may email me or text me (615-393-4227) two ways I can better support you. My goal is to dig in deeper with our love bug scholars, support teachers more, and work even harder with the goal to reduce the number of referrals, protect our warm demanding culture, and ensure a positive and safe learning environment for every scholar. Let’s have the best week ever!!!

This week’s WIG WINNER IS…

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Dean of SEL

I will be explicitly teaching Peace Path and Closing Circle in your classrooms for the next two weeks. I can't wait to see the scholars grow at conflict resolution, and to answer the other questions you may have.

Habit of the Week: Think Win-Win or no deal

If both people in the conflict cannot reach a resolution, it's a no deal. If someone is bullying someone else, that is also a no deal because there is no way that both parties can win if one tries to gain power


Action Required: Mandatory Human Trafficking Training for Certified Staff

According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, “human trafficking is the second-fastest growing criminal industry, just behind drug trafficking,” Director Jennifer Brinkman said. A new law signed by Gov. Bill Lee in April 2019 requires that public schools include information about human trafficking involving children – and requires teachers to receive special instruction.

Public Chapter 269 requires that each certified employee receive a one-time in-service training on the detection, intervention, prevention, and treatment of human trafficking in which the victim is a child. ***Review training instructions here.***

When completed, please submit your certificate to Katea Jones (katea.jones@mnps.org) and your coach! I am sending this early so you can get it done. It's due for us before leaving PD Monday.

Upcoming Events

Feb. 17th

PD Day

Feb. 18th

STEP Wave Opens

Feb. 20th

  • Coffee with the Principals
  • Ayana’s Birthday

Feb. 21st

Anya’s Birthday

Feb. 23rd

Corrine (Mary’s) Birthday

Feb. 25th

Stacey’s Birthday

Feb. 27th

Progress Reports

Feb. 28th

NO PD - Mental Health Day

**Paycheck Cart

PD Calendar - Feb 17th

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Feb. 17th - PD Schedule

Here is your link to the agenda: Feb. 17th PD

For your first session of the morning see request below:

  • Please have your laptops or access/copies of a upcoming lesson plans ready to differentiate as well as a writing tool

Shout Outs

Congrats to our G.R.E.A.T. Winners of the Week and check out the Class Photo of the Week!

Staff Absences

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  • Do Not Prop Open doors or have scholars let adults in the building

  • All scholars should have a hall passes and/or office note for any front office needs

  • Save RTI academic work samples (refer to email)

  • All elements of AgMo should be in place (pathways, laps, codes, data trackers, and a response to the data)

  • All boards should be updated with the current date, objective (SWBAT..), and the common core standard codes

  • Principal and GLLs should be notified of late arrivals (after 7:28 am) or "early outs" (before 3:45 pm). Please see K-5 Playbook for details

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Lower Elementary Principal