My True colors

By: Alex Freiberg 3rd hour Online Experience


In the true colors my online experience class took i received the color gold. Under the gold traits here is what it says "I need to follow rules and respect authority Loyal, Dependable, Prepared I have a strong sense of what is right and wrong in life Thorough, Sensible, Punctual I need to be useful and belong Faithful, Stable, Organized I value home, family, and tradition Caring, Concerned, Concrete I am a natural preserver, a parent, a helper."

In Child Hood

In my younger stage of child hood i listened well, did what was asked of me. I didnt do so good in school, did not like that environment very much. As I got older school started getting better but was making C's, i would get home from school and would fool around with junk lawn mower engines and make them run again. It went from lawn mower engines to car engines. My Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma were big supporters of me doing this because that's what everybody in my family has done.


The relationship that i have with people is extremely well. If i do so have a problem with that person and see what the problem is and fix it. I do not like having problems because there is no sense in it and a waste of time.


The way I work is blue collared. I love working on engines, transmissions, and anything else that needs a fix. I also love to weld and work with the Trade Machines you would find in a Machine shop. That is what I would love to do and hope to be a certified welder and mechanic.

Symptoms of a bad day

I typically don't have bad days. The only time I have bad days is when I'm sick. I dont like self pity, i dont like to get myself down about things because "Life's a garden, dig it." Joe Dirt

how accurate the test was

The test was pretty accurate overall. the only thing that doesn't describe me is the self pity for a bad day. This color would affect me in a work area by being claustrophobic. For a job i could see myself being a mechanic or welder.