SCC CAPS Technology Solutions

February 2020 Newsletter

General Update

The St. Charles County CAPS Technology Solutions associates have been working hard at their various internships for a full month now!

Internship Experience Highlights

Donovan Dickson | Charter Communications - Quality Assessment (QA)

Donovan currently works on executing test cases while seeing the whole application lifestyle in process and learning how tech companies operate. He loves the first-hand exposure to the professional world.

Destiny Bucher | Turnkey Technologies - Marketing Team

Currently, Destiny is working on building different career pages/websites for Turnkey Technologies clients. She loves working with graphic design and web development on a daily basis because it creates skills that are desirable for future employers.

Zach Stricklan | City of Wentzville - IT Department

Zach is currently learning how to implement training and solutions across an entire organization using Google training. He loves enhancing his soft skills in a real world setting and getting valuable experience before entering the workforce.

Kobe Thambyrajah | St. Charles County Government - Information Systems

Kobe is using Arc Maps (GIS) to map the locations of all fire hydrants in St. Charles County. Through this project, he is hoping to create a GPS system that firefighters can use to find fire hydrants easily.

Gabriella Webb | Charter Communications - Continuous Improvement Team

Gabriella values the advice given to her from her coworkers about the corporate world and other tips. She also loves the ability to get her foot-in-the-door with her internships through various opportunities.

Jordan Stabler | St. Charles County CAPS - Video Production

Jordan is currently working on the CAPS end of year celebration video in his own computer room at Lewis and Clark Career Center using Adobe Premiere Pro to edit. He is excited to continue to connect with business professionals in their field of work.

Ashton Ranney | Classic Sign Services

Currently, Ashton is working on google drive and database management/design/printing. He believes that the most beneficial experience so far concerning his internship is hands-on experience and being surrounded by people that will help if he needs it.

Site Visits

EPC Electronics Recycling Center

SCC CAPS associates drove out to Wright City, Missouri to take a tour of the EPC Electronics Recycling Center. EPC's Wright City recycling facility features a $1.7 million magnetic optical sorter shredding machine, which includes smart technology, automating the process of sorting, and decommissioning computer equipment. It eliminates the human risk associated with decommissioning. Overall, the associates experienced a very educational and engaging tour through the facility and even learned of a few career opportunities that EPC offers.

Guest Speakers

Colten Smith | CAPS Alumni

Colten Smith, a CAPS alumni from last school year, visited the AM CAPS associates to share his experience with the computer refresh project. This was to help associates with repairing their assigned computers.

Parent-Instructor-Associate Conferences

At the end of February, the SCC CAPS Program is holding their parent-instructor-associate conferences. This is a great opportunity for associates to sit down with their parents and instructors to reflect on their internship learning so far. Associates will communicate to their parents about their accomplishments and their goals for their internship through a Google Slide presentation.

St. Charles County CAPS Program

The SCC CAPS program immerses students in professional environments where curriculum has been developed by industry professionals ensuring what is taught in the classroom is relevant to the workforce. In technology solutions, students learn to utilize technology in order to design products and solve business problems. In addition to working with technology, students have the opportunity to learn important soft skills and build their professional networks before venturing into the workforce.