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Issue #3

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Each week you will receive issue of news resources to utilize in your classroom. If you would like to recommend a resource, send an email to All issues will be archived in the NHS PD Edmodo group.

Artful Thinking: Using Artwork as a Catalyst for Analysis & Writing

Click here for an excellent chart with artwork, thought-provoking questions, and mind-mapping tools.

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World Class Shout Outs

Ms. McCullough would like to give a shout out to Mr. Pierre because he always remembers the needs of our students and tries his best to get what they need!

Mr. Neagley would like to give a shout out to Mr. Murphy & Ms. Finkelstein for being world class because they are taking bold steps to support students in their classes.

Ms. Ward would like to give a shout out to Mr. Luicini for being such a team player by being willing to help out in an instant.

A shout to Ms. Dalton for being a constant professional. It doesn't matter if a staff member or a student is having a bad day; she patiently takes time to listen and given recommendations. Afterward you magically feel like you can tackle the next things on the list. Thanks for being an awesome listening ear.

A shout out to Ms. Marshall because she met with every repeat 9th grader and helped them create plans to see the value in education. Props to her and the team of others that made it positive: Ms. Washington, Ms. Thomas, Ms. Matthews, and Mr. Burke.

Ms. McCullough also gave a shout out to Mr. Neagley because he just started his new role and he has really rolled up his sleeves and got in the trenches to assist our WORLD CLASS students and teachers! YOU ARE APPRECIATED!

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Breakfast Bytes: Edmodo

Friday, Sep. 20th 2013 at 8:45-9:15pm

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There are a few more spaces in the staff Spanish I and II classes!

Spanish for Staff I and II classes will be offered beginning September 30th (sponsored by the ESOL program). This is a continuation of the pilot program from last year. Both classes will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays through April 16 with a break in the month of January. It is the intent of this class to facilitate improved parent contacts for over half of the student body here at Northwestern.

Thank you for your responses… we are up to 48 and hope for 60 plus.

Please reply to me (not reply all) if you are interested and identify which session.

Spanish for Staff I is for those of you who have minimal Spanish instruction at the High School or College level.

Spanish for Staff II is for staff who have had some formal Spanish instruction, even if it is from long ago.

Both of these classes can be taken for 3 CPD credits if you are a certified teacher/ administrator. We welcome others who are not part of the teaching staff, but CPD credit will not be possible.

Contact Mr. Melvin if your interested!

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