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Becoming an SIT trainer involves a number of different aspects. At the personal level, you need to be open to new challenges and always ready to reflect. You also need to be a good listener and observer, but - on top of everything - enjoy working with people. Empathy and reflection are a key-words in an SIT trainer's job. At the professional level, you need to demonstrate characteristics and skills of a leader who empowers learners to discover best practices in English teaching. Are you ready for this challenge?

Traditional Teacher

Upon occasion, you will inform students of thoughts and ideas from the TESOL field in a direct fashion.

Meet George Fraga - SIT Trainer

George Fraga has always enjoyed teaching English to Brazilians and other latin American students. He holds as Master's degree in TESOL and has took the SIT course in Vermon, US during his college years. He has experienced teaching in three different countries and has inspired many other teachers to do the same. One day a colleague told George decided he wanted to become an SIT Trainer.

During the trainer training process, George realized that helping other teachers develop was an exciting challenge that demanded several different skills and abilities. He learned the importance of giving respectful and positive feedback, observing and listening prior to expressing opinions, and always being very professional.