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NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Decision-Making Support Tool

In 2012, Ohio State University Extension developed a decision making support tool to help sheep and goat producers sort through the large amount of information available on controlling sheep and goat parasites and make decisions about specific management options that are relevant to their farm operation.

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Parasite Life Cycle Animations

Karin Christensen, an artist with a scientific background and love of goats, has created a variety of animations related to the biology of the goat, including those depicting the life cycles of the parasites that infect goats (and sheep). Understanding life cycles can help with control of parasites.

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Using Fecal Egg Counts On Your Farm

Virginia Cooperative Extension has published a new fact sheet on using fecal egg counts. The author is Dr. Dahlia O'Brien. Quantitative egg counts are important in any parasite control program and can aid producers in monitoring the rate of pasture contamination, determining drug resistance, and identifying resistant animals.

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Parasites Increase Methane Emissions

High intestinal parasite burdens can increase sheep methane emissions by as much as one-third, advises Scottish research. Effective worm control both increases sheep productivity and is good for the environment.

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Continuing Education Credits Available

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards RACE committee has approved up to five (5) continuing education credits for veterinarians attending the Delmarva Small Ruminant Conference: All Worms All Day. The conference will be held Saturday, Dec 7, 2019, at Lincoln Memorial University in Ewing, Virginia. The registration deadline is December 1.

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Featured ACSRPC Member

Dr. Scott Bowdridge is an Assistant Professor of Food Animal Production at West Virginia University. His main research interest is determining immune responses generated by different breeds of sheep to infection with Haemonchus contortus.

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