Tay-Sachs is a disorder spread throught the blood through parents. It is a dominant trait. There is a 25% chance of not being a carrier or being diagnosed with tay-sachs. There is a 25% chance of being free of Tay-Sachs. The biggest chance of tay-sachs is in the blood of irish. There is higher chances of getting tay sachs if your irish.
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Nathan Harney

It all started for nathan at the age of 17 months. He started to have constant sezeirs due to his EEG. Nathan didnt have enzymes to break down fatty tissues. His story was written in 2011. He is still fighting to survive.


With tay-sachs your body slowly shuts down. The disease starts out at the age of about 6 months. Then you go blind, deaf, paralyzed, and mentally handicapped. soon by the age of 5 you die.