Laptops in the 1980s

By: Maria Ham

The First Laptop

  • Osborne 1
  • Available in 1981
  • $1,795
  • Only the rich can afford a laptop
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Make-up of the Osborne 1

- 5 inch screen

- 25 pounds

- keyboard in lid

- little storage

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Evolution of the Laptop

- Smaller in size and in weight

- Considerably larger amount of storage

- IBM Software (1987)

Typing vs Writing

Pros for typing-
  • Faster
  • Neat
  • Easy to rearrange
  • Easy correcting

Advantages of Laptops

  1. Personalization
  2. Easy travel
  3. More options for school projects
  4. Work outside of computer labs and offices
  5. Easier to type papers

Without the invention of the laptop we would still be doing all of our school projects and papers in a computer lab!