Giuseppe Verdi

A Famous Composer

Background Info

Born October 9th or 10th, 1813, in Italy.

Died January 27, 1901 from a massive stroke.


  • He recieved his first organ lesson at age 7.

  • He studied under Fernando Proves.

He worked for an opra house.

Personal Life

  • He maried Margherita Barezzi on May 4th, 1863. She died in 1840.

  • They had two children and they both died during infancy.

  • After his wife's death he maried Giuseppina Strapponi.

Most Famous Pieces

  • Otello

  • Nabucco

  • Dies Irae

Why is he still famous today?

Some of Verdi's musical styles are so distinctive that man composers past and present would not use them.


January 27th 1901.

Cause of death: Massive Stroke.