The Grizzly Maze

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A Hard Life

Timothy Treadwell was a alcoholic with many problems. He had problems with drugs and alcohol. He drank too much and ended up in trouble cause of it. He also had troubles with some gangs in California because of his drug dealings. Timothy Treadwell lived in California and worked as a bartender. He was able to escape his drug and alcohol infused life by going to Alaska to study bears and be more connected to nature.

Timothy's adventure

Journal Entry

In October of 2001 Timothy Treadwell went on an expedition into Alaska to prove that Grizzly bears are not aggressive and that they are not dangerous. Timothy journeyed to Bear heaven. Timothy was doing great he had lived among the bears in a tent and had interacted with them successfully and even named a few bears. Timothy made several expeditions to Alaska and back. He went to Alaska to explore and then came back to California to make enough money to buy supplies and journey back to Alaska again. Timothy Treadwell made his last expedition with his girlfriend in October in 2003. The bears never showed any sign of aggression until one night when Timothy was sleeping a bear crawled into his tent and well Timothy Treadwell was mauled to death.

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By: Finnegan Lambert

Key Terms

Grizzly bears- The huge one thousand pound animals that Timothy Treadwell lived with.

Mauled- the action of a bear damaging and most of the times killing a person or animal.

Bear Heavan- The place in the book where Timothy Treadwell finds hundreds of Bears.

Alchoholic- a person who is addicted to alchohol like Timothy Treadwell.

Expedition- special journey with a purpose.