Mrs. Anderson's Newsletter

The end of the year is approaching!

Parade of Homes

The Parade of Homes was a huge success! It was so much fun to see all of your child's hard work come together in the end. We were so impressed with how well everyone was able to apply their knowledge of electricity to their houses. Each and every house had functioning lights! The creativity of the houses was also commendable. The time and effort that went into decorating the houses was very clear. We know that this will be a very memorable project for your child and we hope you enjoyed looking through the homes as much as we did.

Your Child is an Inventor

We began reading a story that is set in the future. In this story, students do not learn from teachers, but instead from computers. This started a class discussion about other inventions that might exist in the future. From there, we turned you child into an inventor! They are coming up with ideas for inventions that will solve a problem they currently have. After brainstorming ideas, students created posters and short speeches to explain their ideas and persuade their classmates to "purchase" their invention. We are so excited to see another display of your child's creativity and self-expression. Be sure to ask your child about their new invention!

Madison Field Trip

It is almost time for the fourth grade class to head to Madison! We will have the opportunity to tour the State Capitol, wander through the Veteran's Museum, and grab some lunch on State Street. In the days leading up to the field trip, we will be learning about the State Government and how it works. We want the students to have a solid knowledge base to be able to ask questions and learn as much as we can on our trip. Students will also get to learn about what they will be seeing at the Veteran's Museum. This way, they will know what to look for since they will be on self-guided tours. We will be talking with the students about responsible behavior while we are there. We encourage you to do the same. We hope your son or daughter is as excited as we are for our field trip on Wednesday.

Elementary Track Meet

On Wednesday May 1, our class, with the rest of the fourth grade, will be participating in a mini track meet. Students have been practicing a variety of events in gym class. On the last week of school, we will get to see them demonstrate their new skills. The track meet will take place at 9:30am. You are more than welcome to come and cheer your child on. This will be a great way to close out the school year!