Satchel Paige

1920's Negro Baseball player


Paige was born July 7th, 1906 in Mobile, Alabama. Satchel first debuted in 1926 while playing unnoticed for the Chattanooga Black Barons. Paige was also the oldest pitcher. At 42 years old, 1948, he played with the Cleveland Indians. At age 47, he played for the St. Louis Browns and also represented this team in the All-Star games, 1952-53. His hunger for the game made this man a star. Satchel later died June 8th 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri.


Leroy Paige made a big impact on negro baseball players by first being a successful player in the negro leagues and then later going on to the big leagues. With his talent and grace for the game, it shows that whatever you want to do you CAN do it. His showmanship attracted both white and black audiences and showed that you can play with and beat white coequals.
Satchel Paige.