The Power of Yelling

The aftermath of being yelled at


The effect on how people act after being yelled at, changes how people go about their day, their body language is different. They’re either in a bad mood after or in a not caring mood anymore. Doesn't matter who the person is, how old they are or anything, everyone changes after being yelled at. When people get yelled at the mood after is bad. They start giving everyone attitude, they blame other people, mumble, and talk bad. They take their anger out on other people, doesn't matter who it is. People only do that to get the anger out, but its not okay for someone to do that if someone didn't do anything to them. They think its okay for them to do it. Everyone does it at one point in their life. I've never met anyone who has never done it. Yes, some people know how to control their anger, but sometimes they don't. everyone slips here and there and its okay sometimes if you apologizes after the fact. Once you take your anger out on someone else, it makes everything worse because that person will make your mood even worse.

Watching it happen

As I was observing my work, one worker messed up twice. The first time he messed up was on 2 subs, he burnt them and the boss let it slide but the second time he messed up on a pizza and sent it out without even rereading the ticket. He put just peperoni and pineapple, when it was suppose to be peperoni, ham and pineapple. His boss normally doesn't yell unless they keep messing up. People make mistakes yes, but when they keep on doing it over and over again, that isn't right. You’d think he get it by now after working for frank for so long but no. After it happening more than once, they should be able to control it. Yes, its hard, but its not fair to another person getting the rudeness or anything for not even doing anything. just because you get yelled at for your mistakes doesn't mean you can yell at others to take out anger. Many people say that don’t have an attitude after being yelled at. Sometimes you just need to keep calm and just make the rest of the day bad for you, and make sure you recheck everything or ask someone questions if you’re not sure on something.

Other Sources

As I asked one of my coworkers about what it feels like to be yelled at, one of them answer "I was annoyed, I didn't wanna be around him for awhile, but I knew I was in the wrong for messing up an order so I let it go." Another coworker also said " I just let it be, I knew I messed up and it wasn't anyone's else fault but mine." As I was reading an article "Dealing With a Boss Who Yells" states "a boss who yells at workers, leaving them feeling powerless and constantly on edge, and sometimes reduced to tears when the explosion comes." In there is also says others use silent yelling meaning "they give a stone-faced look, shrug their shoulders, clench their hands, others express anger through sarcasm."