Volume 1 Issue 14

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Points to Ponder...
Word of the Month: Growth
Thought of the Week: Every time you tear a leaf off a calenar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.
Monday Fun-day: It's a workday! We will wear matter if the Panthers win or lose!

It's the beginning of the year...all over again!

Although we have only been gone for about two weeks, for kids, that feels like a LIFETIME! The next few days would be a terrific opportunity to review school and class procedures with students. Use this week to push "reset" on some things that may have gotten a bit "loose" before the break. As a reminder, although we don't have a silent halls policy, we strongly encourage students to proceed quietly down the hallways. In regards to the cafeteria, we certainly expect students to be quiet during the times when the music is playing. Thank you in advance for helping our students begin this year on a positive note!


  • I would like to welcome Denise Spriggs to the FMES family! Mrs Spriggs will serve as our part-time Gifted and Talented teacher for 4th grade for the remainder of this school year. I know that many of you are accustomed to having Mrs. Spriggs as an available substitute option. In taking this job, she will no longer be able to sub for you...SORRY! However, on a positive note..we are SUPER excited to have her in the building EVERYDAY!
  • We are happy to welcome BACK a FMES family member. Wendy Matherly (former special services assistant) will serve as Susan Sims' long term sub beginning later this month. Wendy graduated with her degree in December! Congrats and welcome back Wendy!
  • Next Wednesday, January 13th, is our yearly Nuclear Training visit from Catawba Nuclear Plant. This is a required training, so please make plans to be in attendance at 2:50 in the Media Center.

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday will serve as a work day for the majority of you. Third and fourth grade teachers as a reminder-you will participate in Project Lead the Way training with Ms. Wilkerson for a few hours.
  • All grade levels...please email Mrs. Wilson with a time for tomorrow that your entire team can go down to the math lab to see the changes and adjustments that she have been made to the area.
  • Susan Sims' baby shower will be held Wednesday in the Media Center at 2:50.

What Great Teachers Do Differently!

The short clips below feature author Todd Whitaker discussing a few points from his book What Great Teachers Do Differently. My hope is that they serve as a reminder for you regarding the small but major differences between GOOD and GREAT!
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part One
What Great Teachers Do Differently: Part Two

Have a terrific week!