ERPD February 12, 2014

Learning Targets:

· I can identify my needs based on the IMPACT continuum and my school’s blended learning model

· I can continue to move toward personalizing learning for all students in my class.

· I can make connections to my school’s blended learning design model, the ISS model, the CWT template, the BL rubric, and the IMPACT continuum to personalize student learning.

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Group 1 Learning Target:

I can create and use classroom and group management strategies in my classroom instruction.

Group 1 Resources

Group 2 Learning Target:

I can create and utilize purposeful groups to differentiate instruction in my classroom.

What is Differentiation?

Differentiation is…

* Having high expectations for all students

* Adjustment of the core content

* Assigning activities geared to different learning styles, interests, and levels of thinking

* Providing students with choices about what and how they learn

* Flexible because teachers move students in and out of groups based upon students' instructional needs

* Acknowledgment of individual needs

* Articulated, high level goals reflecting continuous progress

* Assessment to determine student growth and new needs

* Adjustment of curriculum by complexity, breadth, and rate

* Educational experiences which extend, replace, or supplement standard curriculum

Differentiation is not…

* Individual learning plans for each student

* More problems, questions, or assignments

* Get it on your own

* Recreational reading

* Independent reading without curriculum connections

* Free time to draw or practice your talent

* Cooperative learning groups where the gifted kid gets to be the leader

* Activities that all students will be able to do

* Interest centers unless linked to core content and at a complex level

How Can I Differentiate?

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Group 3 Learning Target

I can find or create digital resources to facilitate blended learning lessons in my classroom.

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