Atlantis Shuttle Missions

History of Space Exploration By: Simrun S.

Atlantis Shuttle:

. Atlantis has orbited Earth 4,848 times and traveled nearly 126,000,000 miles.
. Atlantis was a space shuttle orbiter and is the first reusable space craft.

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Atlantis Shuttle

. The Atlantis shuttle provided it's own power thorough fuel cells.
. The Atlantis shuttle has sent 14 satellites into space.

Famous Missions

. 7 missions to the Russian space station.

. Atlantis flew the last Hubble Space Telescope servicing mission.

. Space Shuttle Atlantis has flew more into space than any other shuttle

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. First flight was on October 3, 1985.
. The final space shuttle mission ended July 21, 2011.
. Total of 33 missions.

Last Launch of Atlantis

Was Atlantis Useful?

The Atlantis was useful for all the missions it has taken but it was very expensive, the Atlantis cost 1 billion dollars to build and 450 million dollars to send it into space for every flight. The reason people thought that the Atlantis wasn't useful is because there was another spaceship called Space Ship One, Space ship One had won the Ansari X Prize which was a prize for a reusable spaceship that could go into space twice in 2 weeks. Even though Atlantis could do that Atlantis cost a lot more to build than Space Ship One which only cost 100 million dollars. The reason Atlantis didn't win is because it was an old spacecraft and only spacecrafts without a government organization could participate.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Landing

Space Shuttle Atlantis

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