Confronting The Problem

HomelessnessWeNeed To Help Our Own Before We Can Help Others

Homlessness: Be The Change You Want To See

My Issue Is Homeless Individuals. Everybody Deserves A Place That They Can Call Home. Nobody Wants Or Wishes Themselves To Live On The Streets. So We Need To Do Something About It. We Can't Just Sit Here And Watch People Starve And Have No Place To Call Home.

Who Does Your Issue Affect And Why?

This is A COMMUNITY Issue , Because Nobody Wants To Help Anybody Else. We Are All Worrying About Our Own Problems But Never Stop To Think That Maybe Just Maybe Somebody Is Less Fortunate Than Ourselves. And Maybe They Just Need A Helping Hand.
This Is What I'd Like The Memorial To Look Like Because To Me It Shows Strength, Vulnerability But Still At The Same Time Power And Beauty.
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