The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

by Gianna Nuccetelli and Savannah Krol

Why a Triangle Shape?

The pyramids were built in the shape of a triangle for many reasons. For example, the triangle had sloping sides that were thought to let the dead pharaoh symbolically climb to the sky and live forever. In addition, the pyramid represented the rays of the sun.

Who Made the Great Pyramids?

Many people think that foreigners and slaves built these intricate pyramids, but that is not true. These pyramids were built for pharaohs by permanent workers, but some were temporary workers.

The Architecture of the Pyramids

Some believe the pyramids were built by Egyptians that used technology that was lost through the ages. People think pharaohs began building their pyramids as soon as they became pharaoh, by making an "engineering department."

One of the Seven Wonders

These great structures were one of the seven wonders of the ancient world because of its size and structure. It was one of the tallest buildings in the world for more than four thousand years.