Year 6 Homework

Week Six 9th June - 13th June


  • Open Day is this Friday for new and interested parents, 9 am

  • For your information we are celebrating the National Support Staff Day on Tuesday. We wish to thank all the support staff at Hauraki School for all their hard work both in and outside of the classroom.


Practise spelling the words from this week's list ready for your test on Friday.


Read for a minimum of 15 minutes each night.
Record what you read this week in your Reading Log.


Earn a minimum 1000 mathletic points.

Wizard of Oz

Please learn the words to the Jitterbug song so you are able to sing it loudly and clearly.


Who’s that hiding in the treetop?

Its that rascal, the Jitterbug

Should you catch him buzzing round you

Keep away from the Jitterbug

Oh the bees in the breeze

And the bats in the trees

Have a terrible, horrible buzz

But the bees in the breeze

And the bats in the trees

Couldn’t do what the Jitterbug does

So be careful of that rascal

Keep away from the Jitterbug

Oh, the jitter, oh, the bug

Oh the Jitterbug

Bug-a-bug, bug-, bug-a-boo,I’m a twitter, in the throes

Oh, the critters got me dancing on a thousand toes

Tha she blows.

Clever Multiplication

Open the document below to complete the maths activities:

How descripitive can you be?

Select 10 letters of the alphabet.

Write 10 adjectives and 10 adverbs for each.

Can you draw what the words look like?