American CNG

Advancements in Compressed Natural Gas

Alternative Fuel Technology to Power Economy

With over one-hundred years of natural gas reservoirs at their feet, the United States is poised to enter a new era in energy development. How to best utilize the natural resources, to provide energy to America’s businesses and consumers, is now taking shape in the automotive industry. CNG, otherwise known as compressed natural gas, is being used in old and new vehicles alike. is an organization that covers the American CNG industry in great detail. In addition to discussions involving the latest CNG developments, this American based organization also offers tips for consumers to find alternative energy certified automotive technicians, CNG filling stations and much more.

At the present time few automakers are producing new CNG or bi-fuel vehicles. However,’s website does indicate that General Motors is currently producing two pickup trucks that are bi-fuel capable. Despite the low private industry CNG participation rate, government fleets are now converting their vehicles over to compressed natural gas so that they can realize greatly reduced fuel expenses that can save over 60%.

Leading investors, such as Jack Welch and T. Boone Pickens, are also enthused about the potential economic impact of CNG in the USA. According to these well respected people, natural gas promises to greatly reduce the outflow of funds to the Middle East to purchase oil. Although we are still years away from the broad acceptance of natural gas as a fuel source, it is great to see a clean energy fuel finally taking hold inside America.