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My Family community

My family community

My family community.well hello I guess you want to read my history right well let's get started come on!well first my family is from Sudan a country that use to be the biggest country in.the world until the war it was horrible many people lost there lives moms were crying dad were shouting.well let me just tell you a story when the war was starting people were going but they relize that most of their men were hurt or died.you probably know kid soulders it was a story that kids were force to go to the war and fight but many of them died and my dad he was in the war but he wasn't a child he was 18 years old when he was fighting and my uncle to but sadly he lost his leg so I hope I persuade you to join my communities so I'm weird yeah but I'm me not you see you in the next parragph


Hey I see you made it now I'm gonna tell you when I came to America ok I'm start on.it was a hot day in Sudan I was playing with my friends at the carnival and when I came back home my mom said were going to America and I said what state she said Minnesota and I was like hold up hold up this girl got me crazy she wanna go to Minnesota a cold and horrible place so the next day we went to the airport and sat down when I sat down there was a lady handing out food so she gave me mac and cheese and had it was kinda weird so a few minutes later I barfed but not a lot just a little so I went to sleep when I woke up I was my dads house already I went to the window and I saw these white things than I thought it was sugar! So in my head was America was candy land! So my mom go taste so I went and I was ready to eat the sugar and when I did it was cold! So I came back in and told my mom she said its snow and I was like wow guess America I sent candy world ok this is long I a stop goodbye!!!!!!