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- Issue 28 - May 17, 2016

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As a class, we are moving from our work on multiplication, to finishing up the school year with division.

I feel it is really important to help our students have a strong understanding of multiplication and division, to support their learning in future math classes and grades.

As a class, I will teach students 4 strategies to solve division problems. They will choose the strategy which makes the most sense for who they are as learners. The language we use in class when we see division is " split into" - reminding the students to take the large amount and divide it into smaller amounts.

(1) Splitting into That many of groups - Ex 45/5 --> make 5 groups and split 45 into each of those groups until there are none leftover = 9 in each group

(2) Make groups of -- Ex 45/5 --> Make groups of 5 until you get to 45 - count how many groups you have = 9

(3) Array - An array is a fancy name for "rows and columns" - 45/5 students make a neat drawing of groups of 5 until they get to 45 and count how many rows they have. = 9

(4) Backwards Multiplication - 45/5 = Ask yourself" "What times 5 = 45?" = 9

Working on your child's basic multiplication and division facts at home, will only benefit them as they continue on their math journeys!


Just a note that this is the last book order for the school year. Students each received a $5.00 off coupon from me as a birthday present to be used towards a Scholastic Book Order - feel free to use this on the book order if you wish.

Summer time reading slide is a real and documented issue among students who don't read over the summer. Studies have shown that students can drop back as much as two grade levels in reading, by simply not taking time to read over the summer. Remember reading takes many forms -- researching, recipes, graphic novels, magazines, comic books, informational books, etc. ---> Let me know if you need help choosing just-right books for your child as a reader!

So What Did you Do at School Today ...?

This week, ask your children about:


- Our new class read aloud: "Making Bombs for Hitler"

- Creating our own book commercials - signing up for a date

- The difference between fiction & non-fiction books

- Reading non-fiction texts:

- Strategy - "Knew & New"

- Always keep your eye open for "oops" when you're reading non-fiction!


- This week's spelling quiz - when words change when they become plural

- What is a feature article?

- Expert List & Interest List!

- Choosing topics for an article - what do I want others to learn?


- Multiplication!! You should be able to ask your child:

- Grade 3 - up to 5x5

- Grade 4 - up to 11 x 11

.... and they should be able to find the answer "quickly"


- Delivering our letters to the town office


- Stitching in art

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

Monday, May 16 - Happy Birthday Roshton & Kara-Lynn

Wednesday, May 18 - Happy Birthday Colton!

Thursday, May 19 - Hot Lunch

Friday, May 20 - Whole Class Spelling Quiz

Book Orders Due

Upcoming Dates:

May 23 & 24 - No School for students

Friday, June 10 - ** We may have a change of plans for the movie night - I will get the details to you A.S.A.P.

We Need Your Help!

I am looking for as many CLEAR 2L pop bottles as we can find. We will use them for our final science unit of the year. If you have any of these, could you please send them to school? We will need approximately 2/student!